Our #ShareYourHapaStory Project

Hi everyone!

We're excited to share that our project, #ShareYourHapaStory, now has a home on our site as well as our Instagram

6° of Hapa is not just about the things we make. We're here to celebrate friends, family, and our diverse connections. To continue with this celebration, we'd love to hear your stories about your experience being mixed and/or having a mixed family/connections, and for you to share a few photos.

What we're looking for: family friendly content, clear photos with a clear subject (please no filters added, we'll handle editing!), and a short story that celebrates what it means to you to be 6° of Hapa!

We would also like to introduce a new idea to this project: You can now pick if you would like your story to be titled “Share Your Hapa Story” or if you’re more comfortable with a different term, such as “Mixed,” “Hafu,” “Hapa Family,” etc. please let us know and we’ll title it accordingly! For example: Share Your Mixed Story 025. 

We will be keeping our project’s hashtag #ShareYourHapaStory so it’s easy to search for and in addition, we’ll include the term of your choosing as a hashtag on the post with your contribution’s number too, like #ShareYourMixedStory025 so you will have a unique hashtag that is easy to find and share. Any current contributors are welcome to DM us if you would like your story’s title updated, too!

Hapa Story Guidelines and Formatting:

  • Check out our hashtag #ShareYourHapaStory on Instagram for some inspiration and get a feel for how long your story can be and what sorts of photos our contributors send in!
  • The character limit including spaces is 2,200 minus 40 characters so we have room for our header. Please check your story's character count before sending it to us! We're happy to help edit your story down if you need us to, but you know your story best and appreciate you doing a little editing before submitting it to us.
  • You can include up to 10 photos, we recommend one or two from childhood, a family photo, a photo that might hold a place in your family’s history, and one or two from now. Action photos are always great along with ones where we can see you and your beautiful face clearly! Show us you and what you’re all about!
  • Specify if you give us permission to post and share about your story on our site 6degreesofhapa.com, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are uncomfortable with us posting your story to any of these platforms, please let us know which you would like us to exclude.

Please email your stories and photos to 6degreesofhapa@gmail.com or direct message us @6degreesofhapa on Instagram.

For our current contributors, we'd love to feature your story here at 6degreesofhapa.com, please contact us and we'll get your story posted here!

We're looking forward to your contributions!

6 Degrees of Hapa