Our Three Online Shops Explained

You may be wondering why you can't put everything in your cart right through our home site 6degreesofhapa.com, here is why:

We use three different websites so you can have access to a whole range of different 6 Degrees of Hapa gear!

  • Our 6 Degrees of Hapa Shop is online and powered by Squareup and is fulfilled by 6 Degrees of Hapa! You can find all of the gear that we typically sell at our physical pop-up shop here.
  • Our Threadless Artist Shop is powered and fulfilled by Threadless! Find special edition, limited edition, and past art on a bunch of gear Threadless creates with direct-to-garment methods. We upload our artwork, pick the products we want in our Threadless Artist Shop, and receive a commission when you shop!
  • Our Spoonflower Shop is powered and fulfilled by Spoonflower! For all of our creative 6 Degrees of Hapa Fam, we've created a collection of our very own textile patterns at Spoonflower for you to use in your own personal sewing and craft projects! We receive a 10% commission on every purchase featuring our textile patterns at Spoonflower.

Many thanks for supporting 6 Degrees of Hapa!