Share Your Hapa Story

  • Share Your Hapa Story: Addi McClure

    "While I think I've always been proud to be hapa, I've never been so comfortable and self-assured with my identity as I am now, and I pour a lot of that into my art."
  • Share Your Hapa Story: Tommy Jun Hodges

    "My name is Tommy Jun Hodges. I am mixed Japanese/Irish. Born in Yokosuka Japan, on an American Naval base."
  • Share Your Hapa Story: @hulahal

    "I'm 1/2 Mexican and my husband is full Japanese. I went to school in Hawaii and fell in love with the culture and the land."
  • Share Your Hapa Story: Kimiko

    "Growing up in Silicon Valley in the early 90's, a lot of different cultures were here, yet I seemed to be the only child of mixed cultural backgrounds and my parents were divorced. At my private school, THAT was unheard of! People would see me with my Hapa (Japanese, Irish and German) Mother, and then me, and ask, 'What are you?' In turn, I'd reply 'I'm a Kimiko.'"
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